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Mary Devereaux, DOM, LA.c

Integrative Medicine

1344 S. Apollo Boulevard, Suite 303, Melbourne, Florida 32901

Manage Pain Naturally with Integrative Medicine. The perfect complement to orthopedic and sports injuries.

Integrative medicine is healing oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) including all aspects of lifestyle. Individual treatment plans are cultivated from various traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies to integrate with Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology and Primary Care.

As a doctor of TCM, Mary Devereaux, DOM, LA.c practices Primary Care, Acupuncture, and Herbology to help:

  • Reduce pain/inflammation from injury or arthritis
  • Build immune system, release endorphins
  • Increase energy and improve sleep
  • Improve circulation and range of motion

During after-hours the patient should dial the regular office number and our after-hours service will contact the on-call physician who will then reach out to the patient.

OMNI Healthcare Melbourne Medical Center
1344 S Apollo Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901

Endocrinology / Metabolism – 321-722-9731
Gastroenterology – 321-802-5059
General Surgery – 321-724-1084
Hematology / Oncology – 321-727-3495
Orthopaedics – 321-724-1084
Osteoporosis Center – 321-802-5059
Pediatrics – 321-725-1999
Rheumatology – 321-802-5059
Urgent Care – 321-723-9411