All OMNI Locations offering same day appointments and accepting new patients

OMNI Healthcare is now offering Runways a new chronic care management program. Runways provide a customized set of activities to keep you as healthy as possible. The program is designed for eligible patients with multiple ongoing chronic conditions. 

If you decide to join Runways, a care navigator will be assigned to work with you specifically. Your care navigator will call you every month to check in, see how you’re doing, and provide help if you need it. They will also help you create a personalized care plan with goals for your specific conditions.

If you’re eligible, we encourage you to join the program. We want to help you overcome both clinical and non-clinical barriers to care so that, over the long term, managing your chronic medical conditions is easier at home.

What to expect from Runways 

Studies show that virtual care management reduces total costs of care for people suffering from chronic diseases, while improving their overall health. Our program is virtual because we reach out to you over the phone. Here is what you can expect:

How your care navigator can help

This program is designed to give you better access to a wide range of services related to your health. We can: 

Arrange office visitsSchedule tests or lab workResearch problems with prescriptions (lost, incorrect, not filled)Encourage you to take your medication as prescribed Design personalized diet and exercise plans Offer techniques for addressing depression and anxiety Assist with transportation, housing, or food requirementsProvide a friendly and encouraging voice to look forward to every month